The Class of 2014 – top destination for finding graduate talent


We asked nearly 1,000 new graduates from the ‘Class of 2014’ to share their hopes and expectations when it comes to starting their careers after graduation. Here’s what we found:

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Introducing: Candidate Availability

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This week, we launched a brand new feature to jobseekers, asking them to tell us when they’re available for temporary work. Here’s some more information on how it works.

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4 million applications in four weeks: it’s’s record-breaking summer


Last week saw a clean sweep of broken records on, as our summer ad campaign prompted unprecedented candidate activity across the board.

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What’s new? July 2014


This month on, we’ve been improving our our candidate registration process. Here’s how:

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Time, not money: working parents favour flexible hours over childcare credits


As many as 1.9 million working families will get the chance to benefit from new childcare subsidies. But will we employees actually use them?

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Eight out of ten UK workers ready to relocate


Eight out of ten UK workers would be willing to relocate within the UK if the right job came up, according to our latest research.

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What’s new? June 2014


This month on, we’ve been improving our Career Guides. Here’s how:

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Questions you should avoid asking at an interview


To help you know exactly what can and can’t be asked, here’s a list of questions which may not be legally acceptable.

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Your interview nightmares revealed


What are the worst things a candidate can do to guarantee rejection? We asked more than 200 recruiters to share their all-time top interview faux-pas to find out:

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Flexible staff: now with even more available candidates

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We’re increasing the number of candidates you can access using Flexible Staff. Now’s the time to trial it for free.

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