Eight out of ten UK workers ready to relocate

• 86% would be willing to relocate within the UK if the right job came up

• 73% would be willing to move abroad

• Scottish engineers aged 18-24 are the most willing to relocate


Eight out of ten UK workers would be willing to relocate within the UK if the right job came up, according to our latest research.

Of the 1,000 UK workers surveyed, the majority are open to relocation, with almost three quarters willing to move abroad if it helps them bag the right role.

What’s more, far from being seen as something to consider in the future, 45% are actively looking to relocate right now.

So, if job opportunities are on the rise, why are so many of us looking elsewhere when it comes to finding work? Is it simply a case of ‘wish we were there’?


Up, up and away?

Interestingly, it seems that the answer may have more to do with aspiration than impulse.

According to the research, a good career opportunity is the number one reason to relocate (28%), which may indicate a mismatch between our ambitions and the opportunities our current employers are able to provide.

Other popular choices include an increase in salary (20%), a better quality of life (15%) and the desire for a new start (12%).

However, with over 30% admitting they would actually decide to relocate for the same salary – or even take a drop in wages to facilitate a move – perhaps the opportunity for career advancement is even greater than the numbers above indicate.

Other influencing factors include location and industry sector: workers in Scotland and Yorkshire are the most likely to move around, and those in the Engineering and Construction industries are the most willing to accept a change of scenery.


Location, Location, Application

When asked for their dream work location, over 22% of respondents claim they already live there. Here’s how the top locations breakdown:

1. Somewhere within Europe (24%)
2. Remain in current area (22%)
3. Somewhere different within the UK (21%)
4. North America (13%)
5. Australia/Oceania (12%)
6. Asia (7%)
7. South America (1%)


Nevertheless, in spite of our willingness to move, over half of respondents think an employer would be less likely to consider an application if it came from outside of their local area.

So, if you’re looking to attract the top talent but you’re not finding it closer to home, broadening your catchment area could be the key to hiring the right person for you.

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