Fight back against job automation: Employment in ‘future proof’ industries thrives

  • Sectors at low risk from job automation – education, social care and engineering – drive annual employment growth


Jobseekers are taking advantage of new opportunities in growth sectors, as so-called job automation puts jobs at risk of elimination by computing and robotics.

According to the latest figures from, the industries that have boasted the highest annual employment growth are those believed to be at low risk from computer automation.

In April, Education displayed the strongest growth, with job opportunities increasing by over two thirds (67 per cent) in the last twelve months. Other fast growing, people-centric sectors included social care (+58 per cent) and engineering (+44 per cent).

At the same time, the technology which is driving job automation continues to deliver growing employment opportunities. The Reed Job Index data for April shows significant year-on-year rises in both IT and telecoms related roles (+26 per cent), whilst new vacancies in the scientific sector continue to grow (+16 per cent).

Meanwhile, in manufacturing and transport, new opportunity growth has slowed. The latest Reed Job Index reveals job opportunities in manufacturing have decreased slightly (-1 per cent) in the last month and vacancies in transport have dropped by 17 per cent in the last six months.


Commenting on the latest figures, James Reed, Chairman of, said:

“Some forecasters may be predicting the automation of jobs across a number of industries, but those sectors which rely on the delivery of services by real people, and those operating at the cutting edge of new technology stand to gain from significant growth, which is good news for jobseekers.”

The Reed Job Index for April stands at 256, 29% higher than a year ago, whilst salaries stay flat with March 2015 with an index reading of 98.

Fight back against job automation: Employment in 'future proof' industries thrives by

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