On campus: how reed.co.uk is connecting with your next graduate hire

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Looking to find the best graduate talent for your business? We can help with that…

In August 2016, reed.co.uk decided to undergo a new initiative to reach the best graduates from the UK’s top 50 universities.

To find out how we did it, and how it could help your business, here’s a quick overview of what we did this autumn.


Speaking directly to graduates

We’re always looking at ways to improve our offering to recruiters. However, one of our key objectives for this year has been to further establish our brand amongst the ‘youth audience’.

To help increase our exposure, and bring ourselves directly in front of this audience, we went straight to universities – expanding our levels of engagement amongst students more than ever before.


What we did

We established a team, dedicated to improving our awareness, message and brand amongst this audience.

They have been travelling across the UK, attending a variety of fresher and career fairs, to provide you and your business a higher calibre of academic and social talent.

So far, we’ve been to more than 15 different cities, attended over 17 events and met with over 10,000 undergrad and postgraduate students.

Our outcome? We’ve now signed up over 5,000 new students who had previously never used reed.co.uk before – and we’re not stopping there.


Why we did it

We’re always looking to find the perfect match for our clients. So whatever role you’re looking to fill, we want to ensure you’re able to reach the most suitable candidates available.

Additionally, as the UK’s number one recruitment site, we want to help the next generation of jobseekers reach their full potential, and kick on in their careers.

So, as well as signing them up to the site, we’re working on a range of services that will be more insightful, valuable, and accommodating for undergrads, postgrads and school leavers.

That way, if they do choose to take the first steps of their career with reed.co.uk, we can make sure they go off on the right track.


What does this mean for your business?

With more growth within this market, and increased levels of activity and engagement, we’re reaching more of the UK’s top graduates than ever before.

The roles you post on reed.co.uk will directly benefit from this exposure, being visible to a greater number of diverse applicants – not to mention a better quality.

So, if you’re looking for your next graduate hire, then look no further and start posting your roles with us today.


Find your next graduate hire…



On campus: how reed.co.uk is connecting with your next graduate hire by

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