How to write a job ad – The basics

What’s the key to writing a successful job advert?

Successfully making your job ad stand out from the crowd can be the difference between a lacklustre response and an excellent one.

But, when attempting to differentiate yourself from the competition, it can be easy to forget about the basics.

To help you make the most of your listing, have put together a handful of our top, tried and tested tips to help you target the best candidate for the job.


1. Check, check and check again

Simple? Yes. But mistakes are a common occurrence within job ads. And, just as a poorly written CV may cause you to question a candidate’s credentials, the same goes for recruiters.

Leave prospective applicants in no doubt about your professionalism: have a colleague proof read your ad, check for typos and grammatical errors and avoid using contrived phrases and industry jargon.


2. Be bold with those benefits

Setting your role apart is sometimes as simple as playing to your strengths, as early as possible.

Craft aspirational job titles which are both informative and attractive to potential employees. An “Account Manager – Great Location, Fantastic Bonus Scheme” is more likely to attract a high number of quality applications than simply, “Account Manager”.

Still searching for inspiration? Find out what motivates your ideal hire.


3. Encourage reading

No matter how attractive your position is, a dull and dreary description of day-to-day activities is likely to turn off even the most determined of applicants.

Use easy-to-digest, informative and succinct language in a tone representative of your organisation and brand. Focus on the facts and the essential skills for the role to paint an exciting (yet realistic) picture of the working environment.


4. Don’t let them get away

The most important part of any job ad is ensuring it closes the deal.

Don’t let the ideal candidate delay by convincing them to apply right there and then. Add a sense of urgency to your vacancy by using phrases such as ‘Apply today’, ‘Don’t miss this incredible opportunity’ and ‘Expires soon’.


5. Don’t be afraid to try something different

It’s important to remember that every ad is different. What might resonate with one audience may not have the same effect on another.

So, whether you’ve spent a substantial amount of time in recruitment or not, try and resist the temptation to use a previous template for your ad and write something specifically playing to the strengths of the vacancy in question.

Finally, most job boards will also permit you to edit your advert once it’s live, allowing you to monitor and modify as desired to ensure the best possible response.


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