“Dear 2017…”: What in-house recruiters want this year

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So, 2016 was certainly a headline year…

Whether it was Britain voting to leave the EU, high-profile resignations and appointments, or all the talented people we lost, the last 12 months definitely had its challenges. And it was no different for recruitment.

To put it all into context, we wanted to take some time to look back at the biggest challenges in-house recruiters faced in 2016, and assess some of the biggest concerns for the year ahead.

Here’s how to learn from last year’s mistakes – and how to stay ahead of the competition in 2017:

A look back at 2016

It’s not surprising to hear that 76% of in-house recruiters named attracting the right talent as their biggest challenge last year.

Difficulty in attracting the right candidates was most predominantly felt by recruiters in Banking & Finance as well as the Sales sector – 100% of both sets of recruiters said that this was their biggest challenge last year.

But it wasn’t the range of products available in the market that was seen to be the problem, but rather the flexibility that the products could offer.

In fact, 65% of those surveyed felt that their recruitment channels had limited flexibility in terms of pricing or contract length – something which urgently needs addressing in 2017.

Looking ahead to 2017

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of you see economic uncertainty as the most significant challenge to overcome in 2017 – increasing by 12% from 2016 figures and coming in as the second biggest concern for direct employers in 2017.

And with experts predicting it could take anywhere up to two years to leave the EU, and the effects of a potential Brexit still not fully understood, this number shows no sign of decreasing in 2017.

Quality over quantity

So, how is this uncertainty likely to impact your recruitment?

Keeping candidate attraction in mind, 7 out of 10 recruiters surveyed said that the most important metric they’ll focus on this year will be quality of candidates.

In other words, if you’re limited in the number of hires you can make, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for the role should be of paramount importance – saving you time and money in the process, and delivering the best possible experience to jobseekers.

How to get ahead of the crowd this year

How will you gain flexibility in the way you work, whilst continuing to attract the best candidates in times of increasing economic uncertainty?

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