Say hello to an even more effective

Last week, we launched an all-new version of

It’s 21 years since we published our first site and our core objective remains the same: to match the right candidates with the best new jobs.

The latest version is our most effective to date, featuring a host of improvements to better connect businesses with the talent they need.

In its first week, the new site drove more than 1.1 million job applications and 50,000 new candidate registrations, already out-performing the outgoing version.

You can read the full story of the latest site release below, but here’s a quick summary of the key features and benefits:

1. All-new homepage: beautiful, functional design, optimised for every device and every new candidate

2. Bigger, better branding opportunities: build your profile and tell your employer brand story on the UK’s #1 job site

3. Intuitive search results: an optimised new experience to match the right candidate with the right job, faster

4. Richer jobseeker registration: improved data collection and mobile experience for more of the candidates you need

5. Better recommendations: accurate matching and high profile job recommendations for more quality applications

Here, Adam Johnston, Jobseeker Product Owner at, gives the background to the latest, even more effective version of…

Mobile first

Over the last decade, Britain has become a ‘smartphone society‘, with mobiles overtaking laptops as our most popular browsing device and superfast connectivity allowing us to achieve more than we ever thought possible using our handsets.

On average, we spend nearly two hours a day tapping away at our phones.

We’ve seen this trend played out on, with around half of our traffic now coming via smarthphone or tablet and considerably more during peak commuting times. And it’s this shift that has led the development of the latest version of

We first launched a mobile version of back in May 2012, making regular updates and improvements over the years to reflect the changing habits of our users and the devices they use, whilst we added a mobile app last year, which now receives around 20,000 downloads a week.

So, unsurprisingly, the newest version of was developed with ‘mobile-first’ firmly stamped onto the masthead of the project.


Typically, a project like this one involves a significant amount of research to ensure our service matches the needs and expectations of our customers: both jobseekers and recruiters.

Interviews and surveys were followed by many months of user testing, iterating and improving to ensure we deliver the intuitive, straighforward and, most of all, effective experience our users – both new and returning – expect.

So, what’s new?

A beautiful new homepage

The most visible change is, of course, to’s homepage.

Like many sites, we’ve scaled up images and text for desktop users to reflect larger screen sizes and draw jobseekers to the core search functionality. The new design also works perfectly on tablets, before snapping down, with reduced background information, for phone-sized screens.

We’ve also reviewed the form and function of all the key calls-to-action, the language we use across the page and chucked out any unwanted furniture.

What’s more we’ve also taken the opportunity to include a giant image of our hero, James Reed, star of’s current advertising campaign, who’s pictured saving Robert in our opening 30 second TV commercial

More branding opportunities

The homepage also now features updated branding opportunities for advertisers, with larger, clearer, easy-to-click panels, giving more exposure and more engagement. Job details and search results pages also include improved branding opportunities.

Focused search results

The all-important search results pages have been optimised to help the candidates you’re looking for find your vacancy more quickly. We’ve reviewed the function and interactivity of the core search filters, as well as continuing our focus on delivering the best matches.

Faster registration

We never stop working to optimise jobseeker registration on and the latest release is no exception, with improvements to the user interface, data collection and mobile field completion. With fewer barriers to new candidates joining and uploading their CVs, we can attract more of the talent you’re looking for.

Faster applications

The final set of improvements is in how we surface the best-matching new opportunities to registered users via their profile. We’ve positioned content for maximum engagement to ensure your jobs are exposed to the right candidates more of the time.

We’ll continue improving and reporting back on how the latest enhancements to are translating into more candidates, better applications and faster hiring. In the meantime, take advantage of our most effective service ever and start posting your new jobs.



Say hello to an even more effective by