The worst thing candidates do at interviews

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Everyone makes mistakes – even at interviews. But what’s the worst thing you can do?

Bad grammar and a limp handshake are amongst recruiters’ top pet peeves, but what do students think are the worst things they can do at an interview?

Here’s what they told us:



  1. Being late

Showing up late was called out by students as the worst thing you can do at interview. And unsurprisingly, 40% of recruiters agreed.

It’s not just rude, it also makes it look like you’re not taking the opportunity seriously. And if you can’t do that, how could you be expected to behave any differently if you were offered the position?


  1. Failing to prepare

Students also told us that being unprepared will be a sure-fire way to flunking an interview.

What’s more, 91% of recruiters we surveyed said candidates should take time to prepare a list of questions before they come to an interview.

As the saying goes: fail prepare, prepare to fail.


  1. Forgetting about body language

Finally, never underestimate the power of bad body language.

Specifically, ‘lack of eye contact’ and ‘looking disinterested’ are key behaviours to be avoided, according to the students we spoke to. And the handshake? 80% of recruiters say keeping it firm is key.

Other body language interview fails include fidgeting, slouching and chewing gum.



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